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  • Fiona Scott


Australia’s peak housing and property groups have joined with the ACTU, ACOSS and Industry Super Australia to form a national alliance focused on increasing the provision of social and affordable housing across Australia.

Investment in housing as part of a stimulus program as Australia navigates the economic impacts of the COVID-19 health pandemic is one critical way that governments can work with industry to help re-boot economic activity. The core members of the Alliance are:

  • Housing Industry Association,

  • National Shelter,

  • Property Council of Australia,

  • Community Housing Industry Association,

  • Australian Council of Trade Unions,

  • Australian Council of Social Services,

  • Master Builders Australia,

  • Industry Super Australia, and

  • Homelessness Australia.

The Alliance acknowledges the work done to date by all governments to support social housing since COVID-19 emerged and the goodwill to address this critical housing need. The Alliance recognises the growing calls for a social housing stimulus, reflecting the importance of this issue for the whole community.

The approaching Federal and State Budgets present an opportunity for all levels of Government to signal its intention to target the whole of the housing sector as a key driver of economic recovery in Australia. Making social and affordable housing part of the recovery roadmap would deliver vital construction activity and jobs.

The Alliance therefore calls on the Australian Government, in partnership with all state and territory governments, to commit to boosting the supply of social housing, including public and community housing, and affordable rental housing.

Existing stimulus measures need to be complemented with new initiatives to increase social housing, including public and community housing, and affordable rental housing facilitating the economic multiplier that flows from housing construction and providing secure housing for those who need it most.

The Alliance will continue to meet over coming months to highlight policy ideas to increase the supply of social and affordable rental housing and to incentivise targeted housing investment to complement any government contributions.

We look forward to working with the National Cabinet’s housing committee to address this important housing challenge.

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